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Green Pledge

Here at Target we want to pledge green! In an industry of wastefulness with plastic, we have gone against this. All of our packaging has the environment in mind. 
Food containers
Our food container bases are bio-pulp bagasse, this means that they are fully eco-friendly both pre and post consumption. 
Plastic lids & sauce pots 
Our lids to the food containers & sauce pots are PP (polypropylene) which is a recyclable plastic.
Delivery box
The delivery boxes our food comes in are from recycled material and then can be further recycled by you.
Insulated liners
Our insulation liners that can keep your food chilled for up-to 48 hours on the go. They are 100% curb-side recyclable, they have also won the 2017 Ameristar award for sustainable packaging. It use 25% post consumer content too.